Know Your Who, What, Where, Why and When!

I strongly believe there is almost nothing I cannot do without having faith, trust, gratitude and a positive attitude.  Over the years I’ve discovered that when I take on a new venture there are five questions that I always find myself asking God: 

  1. WHO:  The first question  I ask God to show me is who should I be working with and/or for.  It is important to attract the right people and to make sure everyone is on the same page.   When I ask who, then God then creates divine connections with like minded people that are seeking what is being offered. In the business world this is known as the target market, demographics and opportunity.
  2. WHAT: As in; what thoughts and ideas can I present to the person/persons in front of me that will resonate with them in order to enroll them in our working together? Here, I am asking God for the right words that will move the potential client into action. This is where developing and practicing my presentation becomes critical as it is intended to create an elevated experience that keeps the potential client wanting more. In the business world this is the strategic planning process. 
  3. WHERE:  Where is the venue in which everything is to take place? The area in which the manifestation takes place is important because it creates the experience.  And the experience creates abundance. 
  4. WHY:  “Why God why?” I ask this question whenever I face obstacles and negative people, and when fear and doubt started to creep into my  mind. It is during this phase that I ask for insight, discernment. Experience has taught me that there are always lessons to be learned. This is the time I tap into my  gut feelings and lean into my trust in God.  
  5. WHEN: This is the most challenging question of all.  I always want things to be done yesterday! So for me, exercising patience is the hardest part of the process.  In God’s timing everything is perfect and on time because he is in control. If I look at the ‘what’s so’ of God’s timing, the delays are for lessons to be learned, skills to be acquired, people, places and situations to be transformed in order to be made ready for what is being offered to show up as a blessing. 

Once the above questions have been answered, the HOW part of the equation is manifested by trust, gratitude and a positive attitude. Which are magnets  for SUCCESS

The final thing I want to leave you with is the notion that every action in your ventures should create a supply and demand effect. Once the supply is there the demand will come .  You then have more than enough for yourself and to continuously give back from the overflow. Prayer and thanksgiving will always keep the glass overflowing. 

With love and hope,

Fatima Gould