Fatima Gould
Lifestyle Coach, Published Author, Speaker

I am Fatima Gould, a lifestyle coach, published author, speaker, coaching program, and workshop creator. I’m committed to supporting clients who are stuck or in a rut. We have structured solutions to solve the root cause issues that stop you from moving forward. Focusing on retaining the brain to develop better time management skills to make room for greater well-being, self-care, and mental health. 

In this coaching program, small steps produce significant results tailored to your specific lifestyle needs.

I am here to listen and guide you in creating a balanced lifestyle.

Author of the book “Over the Wall”

Over the Wall is a soul-searching autobiography of one woman’s spiritual journey.  An adventure for the soul that compels you to look at God, the universe, and your higher self to know that anything is possible when faith leads the way.

Inspirational Speaker 

As an inspirational speaker I created the Message of Hope YouTube channel let people know they are not alone.  Their inner strength will give them hope, knowing that there is “hope for anyone, at any time and at any age.’