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Dealing With Fear

Purpose Over Money

After six months of being in the most amazing state of mind; one  where I knew for certain my life’s purpose, I started to question

Time As An Opportunity

We all have excuses for why we can’t get the things we think we should be getting done completed in a timely fashion. A single

Morning Routine

The older I get the more I realize the importance of having a morning routine especially when you’re goal is entrepreneurial self sufficiency. Can’t say

Work Life Balance

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a rut, trying desperately to figure out how to claw your way back to the clean fresh air

The Essence of Integrity

Do you ever find  yourself in situations  where you find yourself compelled to do the right thing even when you know nobody’s looking. I found

A Place To Begin

When I was searching for my purpose in life I questioned where do I start to look? Years of hearing my mother preach of the

Staging A Comeback

My journey of change started on Aug. 4, 2007.  I looked in the mirror and declared: “ The next 10 years of my life will

My Journey Of Faith

My first encounter with God and faith was as a child when I learned to pray before going to bed, saying grace before a meal,

Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit

I AM  the CIO of my Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit Let me begin by distinguishing what I mean by CIO.   The CIO is the