Morning Routine

The older I get the more I realize the importance of having a morning routine especially
when you’re goal is entrepreneurial self sufficiency. Can’t say that I miss getting up at 5am;
getting ready for work; leaving the house by 6am and travelling for an hour and 20 minutes in
the dead of winter. No time for self-care, just go go go!

As an entrepreneur it’s a whole new ballgame. I take time to meditate in the morning for
about an hour. I listen to mellow recordings of waves; leaves rustling, or wind blowing. I find
these sounds soothing to my soul. They take me to a place I didn’t know existed in my
subconscious. A place of peace, joy and happiness. Sometimes when my mind starts to run a
stray I reach for my phone and double tap my way to a better frame of mind by listening to the
chill sounds that dampen the chaotic noise in my head, and for awhile I’ll concentrate on my
breathing until I get to a place where white and blue lights fill my mind like fireworks. It sounds a
little crazy, but meditation is the bomb and I do it every morning without fail because it centres
me and leaves me thankful for all I have and all that I desire. Whatever the light are, whatever
the sounds are, I find it all very relaxing. When I get to this place I thank God for His many
blessings and I intercede with prayer for those in need. I ask for forgiveness, and for healing in
my body. I can, and often do, visualize the type of house that I want to live in, the kind of car I
want to drive, and the amount of money it will take to have these things and that all Gods
creatures receive not only what they need to survive, but also the things they desire. These are
the kind of things I think about; the things I pray for. These are the kind of things I seek to
manifest. Taking this time before I start another potentially crazy day gives me the opportunity to
create my own world where there’s no clock ticking, no deadlines, no one breathing down my
back. Just me and the Universe chillin’. And when I’m no longer conscious of my breathing and
it’s just me, my thoughts and God, I feel connected, pure and simple. This is how I begin my day
morning before my foot hits the floor and the madness begins.

How do you start your day? How do you quiet your mind? What relaxes your soul?

With love,

Fatima Gould