Over the Wall

Over the Wall

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Over the Wall is a soul searching autobiography of one woman’s spiritual journey.  An adventure for the soul that compels you to look at God, the universe and your higher self to know that anything is possible when faith leads the way.


About the Author


Fatima Gould

“There is hope for anyone, at anytime, at any age.”

Fatima has transformed her life to be a catalyst of hope, inspiring a new path of leadership in the world of personal growth and development. As a Community Ambassador for Change, speaker, author and communication coach, she has taken the lid off what others believe is impossible. She is committed to raising the level of freedom with today’s youth, women’s groups and bridging the gap between fear and faith, so others discover what it is like to fall in love with life. Today, she leads many projects that are creating sustainable change and creating structures to unite powerful leaders who are a stand for others to give up being a victim of their circumstances and then declare and design their created life.


12 reviews for Over the Wall

  1. Nina Grenningloh Reyes, founder of CommunicationsRebel.com

    Fatima’s honest, passionate, and hope-filled journey is inspiring us to take a look at our own lives with a new perspective – one of love, forgiveness, and faith. Even though Fatima’s experience with encountering walls in her life couldn’t be more different from my own walls, her story has empowered me to embrace a new level of courage and conviction that I can forge my own path.

  2. Nellon Permberton

    Fatima’s account of her life is raw, exhilarating, revealing, and inspiring. The more I read the more I wanted to find out what going to happen next. I found that I could really relate to what she went through in some aspects of her life, and in some other parts of her life I can’t believe how she even survived.

  3. Darlene Aube

    Completely engaging, I found it difficult to put this book down. Fatima’s courage to be transparent, and the healing process she went through kept me engaged and in awe of her strength and belief that God has a grand purpose for her life. Fatima brings hope into the light with the promise of healing for anyone ready to reach for it.

  4. Kirk Marshall

    It felt like I took a journey with the author, through all the emotional ups and down of her life. At the end you feel as if you know her like a friend.
    The book is a great example of hope and faith to inspire you when nothing seems to be going your way,with a bit of a love story to tickle the heart. And shockingly raw in some places.
    A good read that will keep you engaged from beginning to end.

  5. Yvette (verified owner)

    What a page turner! I could not put this book down once I started to read. I found this journey of faith, empowerment and understanding a true inspiration.

  6. Said Warde

    “After many years gone by without reading a single book, I devoured Fatima’s “Over The Wall” in a single seating! Both the way in which it is written and knowing Fatima in person made me more curious to find out what was next in her journey from hell to hope. “Over The Wall” was a very easy and pleasant read through which I thoroughly enjoyed discovering her under a new light with some juicy details which required her to be vulnerable. She shares herself so authentically, some scenes were described with details so vivid, I recall telling myself “this could totally be a movie scene!”…Beyond Fatima’s biography, this book is one where many can find themselves, whether be the immigration process to Canada, the dynamics of our families, our love stories, personal battles and so much more! A great read that will inspire you to get over your wall!”

    Congrats again and all the best with continued success!

    Said Warde

  7. Annasha Cherebin

    (December 2017)
    I always buy books and said I am going to read them and never do.  SO I decided to buy this book. Read the first three pages and I  was ummmmm. Put its aside with my other collections. lol.

    Weeks goes buy looking at the book. I was  planning a family vacation for the Christmas holidays and decided to travel with it. Continued where I left off  on the plane and honestly  couldn’t  stop reading it .

    Honestly reading this book was like watching a movie very detail that I could  visualize her story.

    I see some of my life story in this book that hit home for me.. That being said overall an AMAZING booked. Tumps UP!!..She show how to have hope and anything is possible with faith..You are an inspiration

  8. Mark O

    This book is a beautiful and authentic journey that I recommend to anyone who think they are alone or dealing with overwhelm or feeling disconnected and hopeless.

    Fatima’s story is so worth telling and it is a raw and loving account of the miracles that are available to those who go after their dreams.

    It is a story of hope and Fatima is that for me and those who know and love her.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  9. Ahmed Shehata

    Loved the book, kept relating to it, as an immigrant myself, so many emotions tangled together, how can Fatima be that vunerable and yet that brave, the vivid description if emtions was amazing, the faith used to deal with the suffering and finally crearing hope and materializing it regardless of the surroundings, very inspiring.
    Thanks for the gift of hope.

  10. Kathryne Muller

    I was blessed to cross paths with Fatima when I joined the Abundalicious program in February of 2018. Fatima was my coach and as the days pressed on. What I have discovered and learned has been priceless.

    Although, Fatima and I continued to build our friendship outside and after the program was completed after reading Fatima’s book “Over the Wall” I could not believe how much our lives paralleled each other not only in experience but in the challenges we both faced as a woman, a mother, and a wife.

    Fatima’s authenticity, love for self and others, and her faith make this book a wonderful read. It ignites a fire in your belly to continue to fight for your life no matter what has happened or happens to you.

    Thank you Fatima so much for sharing your story with the world.

  11. Olena

    Real and beautiful story of courage and faith that reminds the reader to believe in love. Thank you for sharing your story Fatima!

  12. Ryan L

    A raw and authentic look into a person’s life that will make you laugh, cry and realize you are not alone. A journey of one that echo’s the journey of many.

    I met Fatima after the book was published and from the powerhouse that she is today I never could have imagined what she has had to endure and overcome throughout her life.

    The biggest lesson for me was to share with people, really share the real me. Remove the mask and be with people. When truly with others it’s a moving experience.

    Thank you Fatima for sharing your story, your passion and you!

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