Looking Into The Future

What does it look like to create a future where you cannot see a result? How do you produce something from nothing? There is a saying you may have heard of: small actions every day create massive movements. I’m here to tell you that it is so true. The first thing to do in creating your future is to have a vision. I discover most of my visions for my future when I am meditating, walking in the nature, or in the shower! It’s like I am watching a movie and I can see the places and people as each scene plays out in my mind.  I used to call it day dreaming but as I got older and started to tap into my creativity, I realized they were visions of a future I could live into.

Once you have a vision, the next thing to do in realizing your future is to have a plan.  The plan must consist of daily actions, accountability, acknowledgement and an achievement. It is important to write the plan down on paper, with dates and times of which to accomplish the desired result. Once you have the plan in place a key component to your success is having someone to hold you accountable to your daily actions. Have this person also acknowledge your achievements. And then repeat daily until your goal has been achieved.

We see examples of this in engineering or architecture. The engineer or architect always starts with a plan on paper, a building mockup which is representation of what the future is going to look like. Who says that we cannot take this same structure and create what it is that we want for our lives? We know that this plan works because we see it all around us as buildings, parks, subways and homes are everywhere. I encourage all of us to take on this proven method. Look at an area of your life where you want to create something new, be on the cutting edge, and take on something in your life that has never been done before. Create and execute the plan while having your accountability buddy hold you to the plan.  This was how I developed my business. I took my day dreams/visions and started to write them down. I took some of them one step further and created visions boards. There is nothing stronger than the power of visualization. I soon realized if I did not have someone to hold me accountable for plans that was all they were ever going to be, good ideas on paper.

There also comes a time when the voice in your head is going to cause self-doubt. The people in your life are going to come to you with their negative opinions and feed into your doubts.  This is when you take out your plan and reach out to your accountability partner who will reinforce, encourage and keep what you have created real. This is the keeping it real factor. Having the plan is going to make all the difference in the world in seeing it to completion.

With Love,

Fatima Gould