Did You Know You Can Powerfully Deal With Fear?

It is time to deal with the three sources of FEAR (False, Evidence, Appearing as Real) that stop you:




We create conversations of fear in our heads and then put those thoughts into language by saying things like:  “I can’t do that; I’m not gifted like them, and besides I don’t have the qualifications anyway so it’s useless to even try….”  This is the manifestation of self-doubt. This kind of language can only lead us to a place of self-pity where there can be no happiness .  Once this happens we run the risk of being consumed by negativity . For me this looks like clothes that do not fit properly; bad posture avoiding  eye contact, and a general feeling of the energy around me being depleted. After that things really go south when I start to attract people who are in the same negative state I’m in and we all  drain what’s left of each other’s positive energy. At this point I become really self-consciousness. I question what other people are going to think? Eventually I give myself  over to what I imagine are other people’s opinions and let them put limits on me, leaving me feeling small and defeated.

I say it’s time to change  FEAR into FAITH (Freedom, Action, Increase, Time & Hope)!  

We have the freedom to chose  to live in the possibility of a better tomorrow starting today.  We can then take actions to get qualified; and to better understand and use the gifts and talents we already have to acquire new ones. This leads to an increased level of positive vibration  around us creating a natural shift into which we then attract people with the same positive energy. Soon we start to develop self-confidence which allows us to walk with our heads held high and with a sense of purpose. Before we know it, we are living a life of Hope. And hope gives us the  power to believe we can achieve anything we want to in life. Today I challenge you to take off the cloak of fear and try on a robe faith.

With Love,

Fatima Gould